James Johnson Commerce Strategist presents at Online Retailer 2023


Why the cadre?

1: a frame or framework
2: a small group specially trained for a particular purpose or profession

The goal of Digital Cadre is to share insights, experiences, best practices and stories to drive commerce success for brands and retailers.

Hi, I’m James Johnson, and digital commerce is in my blood. I have more than 20 years global retail experience as a practitioner (Michael Hill, Colorado Group and Virgin), a consultant (EY) and technologist (Demandware, Salesforce and Shopify). I’m fortunate to have witnessed and participated in the changing digital commerce landscape. By understanding the challenges that brands and retailers face, I help them meet their customer’s needs by sharing insights, experiences, best practices and stories.

I have the great pleasure of being the Director of Technology Services & Enterprise Merchants at Shopify APAC. In my prior roles, I’ve built and managed award-winning physical and virtual teams for retailers and technology companies, as well as launching successful products and multi-brand, global commerce solutions. 

I was included in Inside Retail’s inaugural Top 50 People in eCommerce, and I’m a frequent industry speaker, sharing perspectives to help and inspire others.

I have experience in all things digital, including digital strategy and transformation, commerce, marketing, customer experience development, product development and project delivery.

Have an opportunity to explore? Drop me a note.

Experience & Focus

Digital Commerce

Omnichannel? Multichannel? Convergence? Phygital? It’s all just commerce and customers. I provide insights into commerce strategies, the underlying methodologies and examples of those executing well to achieve commerce success.

Customer Experience

Customers are better informed and have higher expectations than ever before. I share how to understand and respond to modern consumer needs.  

Product Development

Compelling products that provide genuine utility and consumer benefits are hard to deliver. I provide guidance on how to build the things that your customers need.

Go To Market Strategy

I help identify and execute growth strategies by understanding product market fit, addressable market and enhancing customer engagement.

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